"Politechnica" University of Timisoara


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechatronics


1998 Ph.D. in engineering sciences
Title of the thesis: "Pre-expert model for cold cracking in steel welding evaluation"
Ph.D. advisor: Prof. Dr. eng. Dragoş CIOCLOV
1979 - 1984 Graduate Engineer (equiv. of MSc. Diploma)
Specialization Welding Equipment and Technology
in “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, (former Polytechnic Institute “Traian Vuia” of Timisoara)
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Title of the diploma: The operator factor in the conventional electric arc welding
Diploma advisor: Acad. Prof. Dr. eng. Traian SĂLĂGEAN 

1975 - 1979 High School:
in High School Nr.3 & Nr.8, Timişoara 

Other academic activities

2007 - 2011 Head of Chair of Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics GDDGC
2004 - 2007 Scientific secretary in the Chair of Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics 

Permanently Coordination of several students of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty and several Erasmus students in their research activities and in publishing scientific papers 

1997 - 2011 Co-coordination of the first level students Contest Student CAD, yearly organized by the Chair of GDDGC, for the students of the Politehnica University of Timisoara